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WC Secrets
Lower your costs immediately Workers’ Compensation is incredibly misunderstood. Costs are overinflated on almost every single injury that goes through the WC system because of three common mistakes. It’s time that someone revealed those mistakes and showed you how to fix them instantly. Learning these 3 hidden secrets will have a giant impact on your overall workers’ compensation program and well lower your costs immediately. Enjoy!
WC Savings
How To “Get Paid” To Use Zenjuries Wouldn’t it be awesome if your insurance company “paid you” 10% of your workers’ compensation premiums back to you just for using to Zenjuries? Well, we know of one that kind of does that right now! Take a look at how it works and how you can save big $$$ immediately.
Easy WC
How to take the work out of workers’ comp Flow charts are cool. They tell a story with a picture instead of words. Here at Zenjuries, we find it easier to follow treasure maps instead of scavenger hunts. Every WC injury has a beginning and an end. The trick is to get from A to Z as quickly and efficiently as possible. The result is much lower claim costs per injury and way better experiences for the participants. This flowchart lays out the flawless step by step guide to use when navigating the WC system. Enjoy!
Best Practices
Lower your costs immediately For years business owners have looked for a “how to WC manual” that would produce the perfect path to follow while experiencing an on-the-job injury. Unfortunately, there never has been a manual to refer to, until now. This WCBPM is a 52 page booklet that will guide each and every user to better workers’ compensation outcomes if followed correctly. Imagine trying to assemble the Death Star Lego set with no instruction booklet, and that’s what it feels like for many employers and employees when they have work comp claims. Take the wonder, worry, and blindness out of the equation by downloading this manual now. Enjoy!
Lower WC Costs
Top Ten Steps Guaranteeing Lower WC Costs These 10 Commandments of how to guarantee lower workers’ compensation costs will guide any user to better outcomes. 10 illuminated nuggets of information that will have you wondering why no one’s ever told you these things before now.
Zen Media
Take a minute and enjoy a couple of our fun-loving attempts at Hollywood greatness…kinda. We’ve put together some of our greatest hits and more will be added on a regular basis, so make sure to check back often…it’s worth it! Illustration Of Mice…I mean Businesses That Use Zenjuries It’s almost ridiculous to think that a mouse gathering cheese could be a great analogy about what it’s like for a business that uses Zenjuries to manage work comp injuries…almost! Check Out The Video Steve Jobs Tells People What Zenjuries Is Like! We’d like to thank Steve Jobs for recording this message many moons ago about what the power of a tool can do for mankind. Zenjuries is that tool for workers’ compensation. Check Out The Video The Happiest Employees Feel Loved! Employees that are cared for by their employers perform better. Period. Look at what it did for this guy who was hurt and then loved back to work. Check Out The Video
Zen Bundle
Get all of our WC Resources in one convenient file! You know what, take them all! Yeah, we would do the same thing given half the chance. So, this is your one-stop-shop-deal. You can go ahead and get all of these cool and hopeful workers’ compensation tools just by downloading them here. Honestly, if you’re not convinced that we know our way around workers’ compensation after all this, you need to book a demo worse than anyone… ever. So, if you haven’t, book that demo! If you have, see you real soon.

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