Elevate the user experience
in Workers’ Comp.
Offer a holistic solution for claims resolution that has all stakeholders working in concert to get injured workers healthy, drive down costs, and increase profitability.

Everyone Is in the Loop with Zenjuries

It’s time to leave behind legacy Workers’ Comp processes that fall short for everyone involved and only drive up costs and have injured workers feeling alienated and confused. As an MGA you can distinguish your Workers’ Comp product offering by changing the way claims are managed with Zenjuries – a full-tech stack app that your team, retailer partners, and their customers can use out of the box.

From initial injury reporting to adjuster-employee communication, doctor visits, employee wellness checks, and claim resolution, policyholders, injured workers, retail agents, adjusters, and occupational groups communicate and collaborate using the Zenjuries app. The entire claims process is tracked in real time and designed to drive better outcomes and lower costs.

This ultimately means more profitability for your MGA and huge added value for agents to market and write more accounts with your product.

Eliminate Injury Reporting Delays The app integrates the employer at the outset – when coverage begins – with a simple, user-friendly interface that enables injury reporting utilizing a 4-click prompt. Most Zenjuries users report notice of injury within 24 hours in over 90% of their injuries.
Enhance Communication & Collaboration State-of-the-art portal, available APIs, and fully mobile applications allow easier and more efficient/accurate communication among all parties.
Keep the Claim Moving Toward Resolution Built into the system are algorithms that implement best practices so each stakeholder knows what to do and when as the claim progresses. The results: lower claim costs and a better user experience 100% of the time.
Automate High-Volume/Low-Value Tasks Free up participants to devote their time and energy to valued-added actions, saving costs for the employer, retail agency, and your MGA.
Effect Changes with On-demand Information Access to real-time claims data enables you, your agency partners, and their clients to determine trends and identify opportunities to improve safety and increase profitability.
Manage Zenjuries mobile or on desktop Use our web applicaition on your browser, anywhere, or use our iOS or Android applications. Both ways give you full access to all of Zenjuries functionality. And, you can use our stand-alone Injury Wizard app so your employees can report their own injuries!

The Sweet Spot for Zenjuries

You can white label the Zenjuries app with your brand to provide to your retail agency partners and policyholders. It’s easy to use, intuitive and involves no learning curve. Our professional staff, known as Zenpros, will help build the virtual team with each policyholder. Target policyholders include:

Clients with Annual Premiums Over $50K Policyholders looking to lower and maintain Comp costs
Clients with High EMods Policyholders with EMods higher than 1.0
Policyholders with Frequent Claims Clients who need to need assistance in mitigating accidents
Workers’ Comp Claims in Progress Clients with current claims ready for immediate attention

The Zenjuries app is available in all 50 states and for all classification codes.

Ready To Open Your Mind & Transform Workers’ Comp?