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Workers’ Compensation, designed to restore injured employees and protect faithful employers, has a bad rep. No one is happy when a claim occurs. Workers are confused about the process and don’t feel heard or cared for. Employers spend a lot of bank to provide the medical care and cushion workers need when they get hurt but are often looked upon as the “them” in an adversarial relationship. Retail agents who sold the policy in the first place are unable to sustainably deliver on the promises they made and end up losing out on renewal and new business.

It’s time to change the paradigm.

Zenjuries: The Out-of-the-Box, Easy-to-Use App
Will Have Your Agency Saying “Yes” to Clients

Injured employees have a voice, are nurtured and part of the entire process.
You have our support in helping get claims resolved more quickly and less costly.
You can track the progress of your claim in real time, see where injuries occur, and how to improve workplace safety.
We can help prevent Workers’ Comp-related litigation.

It’s Simple: Here’s How the Zenjuries App Works

Our world-class software automatically guides each team member through their Workers’ Comp workflows. It’s fast and easy with no learning curve and empowers each individual to become a seasoned player in the process. A full suite of solutions allows users to engage anywhere, anytime, any place via our on-demand, real-time data feeds and workflow prompts.

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