Lower your Workers’ Comp claim costs with Zenjuries.
Get your hands on the app that improves claims management, reduces claims
costs, generates more profitability, and makes your group more attractive.

Zenjuries: Made for Self-Insured Groups, Captives

As a self-insured group (SIG) or captive, you’re taking on Workers’ Comp risk in paying claims, confident in your safety and risk management practices. Each group member is on the same page committed to mitigating on-the-job accidents, resolving claims more quickly, and gaining more control over insurance costs. Fewer claims means having more funds to spend on business opportunities and investments.

The easy-to-use and intuitive Zenjuries mobile app is in perfect synch with a SIG’s goals and can help you reduce claims costs even further while providing injured workers with the nurturing and TLC they need to rehabilitate and get back on the job.

Erase Lag-Time in Claims Reporting Reduce two-week reporting lags to fewer than 5% of claims.
Lower Claims Duration Achieve an average of under 6 months to close a claim; the industry average is 471 days!
Reduce Loss Costs by Up to 30% Add to your bottom line by reducing claims costs, the biggest driver behind Workers’ Comp profitability.
Lower Litigation Rates Fewer than 5% of Zenjuries claims experience a litigation hold; the industry average in which attorneys get involved is between 28%-38%.
Retain, Attract Group Members Promote your ability to proactively manage claims to retain existing members while making the group more attractive to like-minded business owners looking for more control over their coverage and related costs.

It’s Easy with Zenjuries

Zenjuries is meant to disrupt old-school Workers’ Compensation processes that frustrate employers, confuse and alienate injured employees, and drive up costs. The app gets everyone involved and working together throughout the life of the claim for an enhanced user experience and better case management outcomes.

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