Workers’ Comp, the way it should work
Our app serves all stakeholders in the claims process for faster resolutions, lower costs,
and happier clients and employees.

It’s Time for Zenjuries

Zenjuries takes Workers’ Comp injury management and claims resolution to the next level. It’s world’s first, best and easiest app to use and has changed the way on-the-job injuries are managed.

We have automated the standard practices of Workers’ Comp with workflows and best practices, simplifying the claims management process which improves results for employers, retail agents, MGAs, self-insurance groups, adjusters, and carriers. You get lower claim costs and a better user experience 100% of the time.

Zenjuries Algorithms Our app’s unique algorithms gently prompt each claim toward best practices built into the system to effectively handle Workers’ Comp claims. Users know what to do, when to do, how to do, how long to do, who to do it with, etc. throughout the Workers’ Comp injury.
Automations We automate high-volume, low-value tasks to free up time and expertise for areas where users can have the most impact.
Expert Coaching Our Zen-Pros coach employers, employees, and other participants on both utilizing the Zenjuries app and handling their overall claims, allowing Workers’ Comp participants to function like seasoned pros.
Real-time Data Our real-time data generation produces on-demand loss-run generation, providing robust and actionable data to employers that changes their behaviors, while eliminating costs for carriers, MGAs, self-insurance groups, and agents.

We Transform Employer & Employee Behaviors

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