Whats Behind Zenjuries
We’ve changed the way Workers’ Comp claims are managed

The Backstory

Born in the trenches of selling and servicing Workers’ Compensation for policyholders, Zenjuries solves the challenges faced by each of the stakeholders in the Workers’ Comp injury-management process.

For the more than 20-plus years, we sold and serviced Workers’ Compensation throughout the United States. Our experience in attending insurance schools, earning industry designations, going to Workers’ Compensation hearings, listening to depositions, helping thousands of clients, and watching never-ending attorney ads promoting legal options, was eye-opening and taught us a thing or two about the successes and failures of the traditional Workers’ Comp system.

We decided to change how things work in Workers’ Compensation – taking it from an adversarial process to a win-win proposition and one that nurtures the injured worker and gets better results for everyone involved in the long run.

The Zenjuries app enables each stakeholder in the claims process to be engaged through the use of best-practice workflow processes and access to real time data to proactively manage a claim; lower costs; mitigate litigation; and get workers healthy, productive, and back to work.

About Jess Dantice

Zenjuries Founder & CEO Jess Dantice has worked exclusively in the property and casualty insurance arena with a heavy emphasis on Workers’ compensation for the past 24 years. Most recently, he served as a partner with the nation’s fifth largest independent insurance agency, AssuredPartners, after it acquired Jess’s retail insurance agency in 2016.

Prior to joining AssuredPartners, Jess was the CEO and Founder of Southern Risk Insurance (SRI). SRI grew to a $20 million agency in just under nine years in the middle-market business space with a focus on Workers’ Compensation automation and improvements.

Before starting his own agency, in 1997 Jess began his career in a family-owned agency that focused exclusively on residential home builders. The agency was acquired by the sixth largest independent insurance agency in the country at that time, BB&T.

Our Dev Squad

Our software developers have created an intuitive app with Zenjuries that comes with a zero learning curve. They have brought to life the entire Workers’ Comp claims process and made it easy for everyone to use:

Employers report injuries within 24 hours and can continue to monitor the progress and cost of claims while checking in with injured employees along the way. Employees use the app to dial down on the type and location of their injuries and keep track of all their medical appointments and feel part of collaborative, nurturing process. Adjusters communicate with employers, employees, the occupational group, retail agents and carriers and store all documents in location for easy access and sharing. Each stakeholder is prompted throughout the claim for next steps. Real-time data is available for evaluation and implementation for better safety practices to mitigate claims and lower costs.

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